Passenger and Crew Services

Airport Terminal Area

Spacious terminal with seating, TV, restrooms and guest Wifi access.

Pilot Lounge Area

Large room with private recliners, Wifi access, TV, refrigerator, and microwave.

Flight Planning Room

Separate flight planning room with computer and phone.

Rental Cars

Reserve cars for passengers and/or crew online through Hertz. Be sure to specify that Hertz is to preposition the car at Stafford Airport. Car keys would then be available from the FBO. Cars can be prepositioned near jet parking for minimal walking distance with baggage.

Catering Refrigerator

Food deliveries from caterers are stored in a separate refrigerator specifically for pilots. Free coffee is available in the FBO. Vending machines with soft drinks and snacks are also available inside the FBO.

Crew Car

With fuel purchase the crew car can be reserved for corporate crews for up to 2 hours. If not reserved, the crew car will is available on a first come / first served basis.


Aviation oxygen is available through ACE Flight Solutions. For availability and scheduling contact them directly at 804-437-4230.

Stafford Regional Airport

95 Aviation Way, Fredericksburg, VA 22406

Phone: (540) 658-1212