Corporate Hangar Development

The Stafford Regional Airport (RMN) offers coast-to-coast corporate access without runway traffic—or enroute refueling. The runway is designed for corporate flights with 6,000 feet of operational capabilities and eliminates the need for travel to D.C.-based airports. Located outside the Special Flight Rules Area surrounding D.C., it’s simple to take a meeting in Stafford, and fly back in time for dinner.

 Corporate Relations Initiatives:

Stafford can serve as your place to build corporate relations. Stafford’s position on the Eastern Seaboard, affordability, and Talent make it the locale for companies seeking quality at a tempting price point. The costs of labor, congestion, real estate, and taxes determine a company’s trajectory. While Northern Virginia’s Talent pool is substantial, so too are real estate costs and commuting times. The migration to lower-cost communities with attractive lifestyle amenities make Stafford a contender in the marketplace.

Low Business Costs: Stafford has the lowest business costs in northern Virginia. BPOL taxes imposed in many localities don’t exist in Stafford. Low property tax rates, affordable land, and the best value in Northern Virginia Class A office space puts the savings in perspective.

 Industry Clusters: RMN is in the heart of what we locally call Centreport—what is becoming the most efficient distribution center to serve the DMV, Richmond and MidAtlantic markets.  Now home to Amazon, FedEx, DHL, and more space available. Additionally, Stafford’s role in the Virginia Smart Community Testbed is making RMN a focus for UAS testing and development. 

 Future Plans: The Stafford Regional Airport and Stafford County Department of Economic Development & Tourism are partnering together to develop Corporate Hangers at the Stafford Regional Airport. Check back here for more information. 

Who’s Here?

Marine Corps Base Quantico

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U.S. Department of Homeland Security

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Stafford Regional Airport

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